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HPS high temperature 3-ply reinforced silicone heater hose kit (part number 57-1937-BLK) replaces 2000 BMW 323Ci 2.5L M52TU/M54 (E46) stock OEM rubber heater coolant hoses with high-heat resistance material which meets or exceeds OE specifications (Maximum temperature rating: 350F).

Key Features
- The premium grade high-heat resistance reinforced silicone hoses are made with correct bends and curves to ensure perfect fitment.
- Includes 100% stainless steel non-perforated embossed hose clamps for easy installation, which do not cut through the silicone hose.
- Prevent and fix the coolant leaking and engine overheating problem caused by cracked, damaged or collapsed OEM rubber heater coolant hoses.
- Race proven design with long lasting quality and engineered for extremely high temperature service (Max. 350F) and prolonged exposure to under-hood and coolant heat.
- Compatible with OEM part number 11531436410,64218363198,64218376153,64218376999

Remark: Silicone hose water permeation rate is 10 to 15 times greater than standard EPDM rubber hose. Checking water level regularly is highly recommended when silicone coolant hoses are used in a daily driving vehicle.

Vehicle Application
2000 BMW 323Ci 2.5L M52TU/M54 (E46)

Product Information
- Product Type: Silicone Heater Hose Kit
- Material: High Temperature Reinforced Silicone
- Warranty: 2 Years
- Weight: 4 lb
- Shipping Box Dimension: 16 inch x 10 inch x 6 inch

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HPS Black Silicone Heater Hose Kit for 2000 BMW 323Ci 2.5L M52TU/M54 (E46)

  • $145.00

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