Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

FIGS ENGINEERING reserves all rights to content

All FIGS Engineering Products are engineered with the highest attention to detail and are rated for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY.  There are no DOT certifications for road use on any of our products and the customer takes full responsibility to end use of goods and services and the proper installation thereof.

All bearing products (rod ends, spherical and roller) are deemed consumable and carry a limited warranty against defects and infant mortality,  Customers suspecting a defective item should contact FIGS Immediately via phone or the contact us link on the website.  Defects must be fully evaluated by FIGS prior to any reimbursement, refund or replacement of items. Customers desiring faster services will be subject to covering upfront costs and shipping if applicable to satisfy an accelerated schedule.

Installation costs:  Unless performed by FIGS, all labor costs, installation, alignment, replacement, disassembly and opportunity costs are not covered under any circumstances.

Third-party goods are sold to complement our own and offer the highest performance as a system. All Third-party products are covered solely by their respective manufacturers and FIGS will do everything in our power to manage the customer support interface between the customer and those third-party companies. 

Standard warranty on fabricated items is 90 days from the time of purchase, covering obvious defects in the construction or workmanship.  Warranty does not cover improperly installed, tampered or products used in a manner or configuration that they were not designed to operate.  This includes but is not limited to: improper alignment, spring rates, damping settings or vehicle ride height.

Custom Products: Custom products that are built to customers specs are delivered as engineering labor (design time) plus a physical product.  Warranty, cancellations, and returns will be subjective to circumstances and use case. Customer assumes the majority of the risk if the product was used in a competition environment.

Shipping: Products are shipped as soon as possible, usually the same business day depending on stock levels.  We do our best to ship as quickly as possible and will attempt to contact you if there is any delay in shipping your order.  Many of our items are built to order and we do our best to keep everything in stock, but sometimes delays will occur. In the rare event items are lost or damaged a claim will be filed and once it's complete we will replace or refund the items.

 FIGS Engineering SMS Communication Terms of Service

When registering and/or placing an order you agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and opting in to text message notifications from FIGS Engineering you consent to receive automated text messages regarding order status updates and two-factor authentication (2FA) to the mobile phone number provided. Consent is not a condition of any purchase.

Purpose: You will receive notifications about:

Order Updates: Timely updates about the status of your orders.

Account Security: Two-factor authentication codes to help maintain the security and integrity of your account.

Message Frequency: Frequency of messages will vary based on your orders and security requirements.

Cost: Message and data rates may apply.

Opt-Out: To stop receiving all text messages from FIGS Engineering, text STOP to (877)781-1454. You will receive a final message confirming your decision to unsubscribe.

Help: For more information or assistance, text HELP to (877)781-1454 or contact our customer support at contact@figsengineering.com.

Privacy: Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your phone number with third parties.

By subscribing, you affirm:

You own or are authorized to use the mobile phone number provided.

You are 18 years of age or older.

By agreeing to receive text messages, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the above terms.

FIGS Engineering SMS Messaging Opt-In Process

Opt-In During Registration and Order Placement

At FIGS Engineering, we prioritize transparent communication and consent for all our SMS communications. Customers can opt in to receive important updates, notifications, and promotional messages via SMS by agreeing to our terms and conditions during the registration and/or order placement processes.

Step-by-Step Opt-In Workflow:

Registration/Order Placement: During the registration on our website or while placing an order, customers are presented with our terms and conditions.

Consent: As part of our terms and conditions, we include a specific clause that clearly states the customer's consent to receive SMS messages. This clause covers the types of messages they might receive, which include order status updates, shipping notifications, and occasional promotional offers.

Checkbox for Agreement:

Customers are required to actively check a box next to a statement that says, "I agree to receive text messages from FIGS Engineering regarding my order and occasional promotions. Standard message rates apply."

This checkbox is not pre-checked to ensure that consent is given explicitly and actively by the customer.

Confirmation: After the customer completes their registration or order and agrees to the terms, a confirmation message is displayed, thanking them for their consent to receive SMS messages.

Documentation and Record Keeping: We maintain records of the consent given by each customer, along with timestamp and order details, to ensure compliance and transparency.

Easy Opt-Out Option: Every SMS message sent to the customer includes instructions on how to opt out of receiving future messages, ensuring compliance with customer preferences and regulatory requirements.

Accessible Documentation

For a detailed view of our SMS opt-in process, terms and conditions, and customer communications policy, please visit the following link: FIGS Engineering SMS Opt-In Policy.