About Us

ABOUT FIGS:  FIGS Engineering is an aftermarket automotive product design company specializing in under-serviced niche markets. Currently, FIGS develops products for Lexus, Toyota, and Toyota Truck applications, but we are always developing and expanding. 

COMPANY OVERVIEW: In 2003 FIGS Founder Mike Figaro sought to solve a problem that everyone had given up on or said was impossible, a bolt-on hood support kit for the Lexus IS300.  After careful application of his engineering problem-solving process and a fresh start in sheet metal design, the FIGS Hood Prop Kit was born. Since then, FIGS has grown to serve many other markets and customers, but the general values stay the same. Solve problems, use premium components, and offer the best pre and post-sales support. The problem with most aftermarket car parts today is that they are sold with shortsighted goals in mind. We strive to design and manufacture the highest quality components that work together as a system for a result far greater than the sum of the parts. We test our products in real-world situations so that you do not have to. We continuously use feedback to drive the quality of our products further and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. 

Today we occupy 2 units with a total of just under 10000 sq ft shop in Wheat Ridge CO with an amazing amount of creative horsepower. From welding and fabrication to in-house machining and 3-D scanning we are a full-service product development house capable of anything we set our minds to.

OUR MISSION: To create well-engineered quality products using customer feedback and the latest technology.