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BR Series Coilover Lexus GS 300 1993-1997, Coilover Kits|BR Series Single Adjustable Coilovers|Lexus|GS|GS300 (1993-1997)

Chassis Code: JZS147

Upper Mount Type: Rubber front and rubber rear upper mounts.

Application Specific Specs:

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Top Plates
  • SAE9254 Powder Coated Springs
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Lock Rings
  • 53mm Aluminum Threaded Shock Bodies
  • Precision machine welded STKM13C Steel Lower Mounts or 6061-T6 milled Aluminum Lower Mounts where applicable
  • 100% bolt on in place of OEM brackets

At the '08 SEMA show we were looking for a coilover company willing to offer a solution for the Lexus IS-F. On the final day we hooked up with the folks at BC Racing and found exactly what we were looking for in a performance coilover. Great build quality, affordable price and best of all flexibility in spring rates and valving to serve a number of different tastes. After all, everyone has a different opinion on what they want in a suspension and one size does not fit all. After carefully specifying spring rates that we felt would be a good start, we took delivery of the first part in Jan. 08 and installed them on our test IS-F. The results were dramatic and evident. The stiffer spring rates and enhanced damping had taken the rough low speed ride from the OEM shocks and turned it into small blips of road surface feedback. The high speed handling was more predicatable and entry and exit out of corners was more linear which allowed more precise modulation of the throttle. In short, the car was transformed.

The damping range was then tested for scale, after all what is adjustability if you can only use the bottom 5 settings. Overall we found a good range from 5-25 clicks on the system. 9 clicks out on the front shocks and 12 clicks out on the rear provided an excellent canyon/track setting while a more conservative 20 clicks FR and 25 clicks RR was a more suitable ride for a daily driver. Regardless of your personal settings these will get you where you want and allow drastic changes in the way your vehicle performs with a few clicks of the knob. We are proud to offer these products to the IS community and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

General specs:

  • Mono-Tube Shock (Rebuildable) design
  • 30 way adjustable damping control (compression/ rebound) via knurled knob on top of shock.
  • Optional Pillowball or rubber upper mounts. Rubber mounts offer a lower noise ride while Pillowball offer precision handling.
  • Separate ride height adjustment means that you do not need to change spring preload to adjust vehicle ride height.
  • Springs rates are specified below but can be customer specified as well. Large steps in spring rate will also include the proper revalving. Allow up to 3 weeks for revalving of custom orders.

Technical Specs:

  • 46mm Pistons over 53mm shock housings providing a large range of damping force capabilites.
  • Special spring-steel valves which outperforms other stainless steels and offers prolonged valve life.
  • Patented concave lower locking ring to prevent unseating
  • Springs constructed of SAE9254 High Strength steel that is compression tested over 500,000 with less than 5% deformation.
  • Pistons are high polished steel to lengthen oil seal life which means no leaking and longer seal life.
  • High pressure inner rod guide seals ensure a perfect fitment resulting in consistent fade resistant damping and long seal life.
  • 2-Step coating process utilizing nickel and chromium plating to prevent corrosion.
  • Newly developed lubricant oil in all shock cartridges minimizes aeration/foaming and cavitation.
  • An added bearing beneath each pillowball mount provides the smoothest action possible and prolongs the life of the pillowball itself. Pillow ball upper mounts are optional and of not much benefit to double wishbone suspension.

All kits ordered from FIGS INCLUDE damping adjustment extensions for the rear trunk liner.  This required custom trimming the extension and adding a hole in the liner to allow the adjuster to protrude through.


SWIFT Bronze Metric Coilover Springs are highly linear, fewer winding springs that reduce unsprung weight and increase performance.  Swift springs are special order and assembled onto your shocks with proper preload. Please allow 3 weeks.

Click  HERE for more detailed information on the H5S.TW material that sets Swift apart from the competition.  We suggest Swift springs on any vehicle that will see the track due to the unsprung weight and predictability.  For daily driven street cars these springs are probably overkill. 

NOTE: Most Lexus kits do not include camber plates because camber is not adjusted via the upper hat on double wishbone cars.  If you need camber correction please look at our other camber correcting bushings and arms to do this. 

PLEASE CONTACT US for a current lead time on custom order products as stock levels and product specs may change. Stock is subject to current part stock and the ability to build your kit to our specs.  If you are concerned with more than a 3 week leadtime please contact us.

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  • Brand: BC Racing
  • Product Code: R-05-BR
  • Availability: UP TO 8 WEEK BUILD TIME
  • $1,245.00
  • $1,195.00

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