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Fitment 2003-2006 LS430 UCF30 Celsior

Why: The stock rear toe links on the LS430 are a significant cause of inner tire wear and even worse the inner subframe adjustment mounts can become damaged making an alignment a crap shoot. FIGS has taken a long time to develop an OEM quality solution that allows easy adjustment, long product service life and the most control over the rear toe geometry of any similar product on the market. We maintained the strength of the system with absolutely no weldment at the rod end interface unlike cheaper alternatives offered by import companies. That means a carbon steel or chromoly single piece thread stud integrated with the bearing for maximum strength. Tapered studs are precision machined from 4140 chromoly then heat-treated to maximum strength.   Finally the are zinc-plated to keep them from rusting. FIGS designed our own tapered studs for maximum clearance of the rod end during travel yet close enough to the mount to not incur unnecessary additional bump-steer. Toe Links from FIGS also allow serviceability should the rod end wear and need replacing. These compliment the MEGA arms by providing a balanced rear steering strategy under bump, making them an obvious choice for discriminating race teams and club cars.

SET = 2 Toe links 1 for each side

Location: Front-side middle of rear suspension. 

Influence: Rear steering under compression


  • Length adjustment of up to 1.5" without removing from vehicle.
  • Increases the arc length of the rear toe linkage to reduce bump deflection.
  • Infinite fine toe adjustment to overcome stock eccentric mounts that are warn or bent.
  • 3-P CS Precision rod ends provide the strength for Daily driven cars.
  • Top quality materials and workmanship mean you are buying the best product on the market compared to low quality competing parts. No welds at the bearing interface, premium bearing options for long service life.


  • 3-P CS Precision rod ends
  • 4140 Chromoly tapered stud assembly is stronger than stock ball joint.
  • SUS303 FIGS rod end spacers for precision chassis mount.
  • Swaged 1" SAE 1012 steel tubing for reduced weight and increased strength. Knurled for grip and yellow zinc or Black Dichromate finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Includes tubing for alignment gripping and coated clamps for ABS sensors.
  • VIP version adds 1" to overall length for use with our CAMBER arms
  • Rubber Boots available as special order. NOTE that this means more maintenance. Rubber boots require that grease be packed inside the boot to prevent the rubber from interferring with the rod end race.

FIGS strongly suggests MOTO rod ends for daily driven cars due to the shocks loads of daily driving. Econ rod ends may experience shortened life cycle due to rough road conditions.

 Contact FIGS for more information or questions.

Note: Specific hardware may change or improve based on design improvements. Pictures are representative of quality.

During installation the inner cam eccentric bolt should be rotated such that the mount is all the way inward, thus maximizing the length of the linkage. By maximizing length, the toe link will provide the least amount of bumpsteer during travel, which is desirable.

When installed the inner rod end and outer rod end should be clocked 90 degrees with respect to one another.  Having the rod ends pinned against the end of their misalignment will cause premature wear and potential failure. The help clock rod ends the rod end can be rotated with a open wrench while the jam nut is held.  Note this only works to rotate into tight, if rotated towards loose then the jam nut will come unset.  That means LH would be rotated counterclockwise and RH(outer rod ends) would be clockwise relative to the rod end looking into the end of the tube.


Follow the quick install card that is included with the links and shown below and only use dry PTFE lube for lubrication.  Refer to our YouTube guide on how to lubricate rod ends. Never grip the top nut of the taper stud assembly as this is a fixed nut to hold the stack of spacers to the stud.  Use an impact driver or taper pressure to allow starting of the retaining nut.

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