HPS Performance Titanium Coolant Bleed Screw HW22-1001 replaces and upgrades 2020 Toyota Supra factory bleeder plastic bleeder screw that are prone to failure. Don’t get left stranded due to a failed coolant bleeder screw. For 2020 Toyota vehicles, the plastic coolant bleeder screw is a common failure point. To combat this, HPS has produced its own Titanium Coolant Bleeder Screw. This relatively inexpensive upgrade can save you a lot of trouble whether you commute or track your 2020 Toyota. We chose the best materials for this upgrade. Each piece is precision CNC machined from Grade 5 titanium which will never fail. Coupled with a Viton O-ring which is more chemical resistant than any standard rubber O-ring. For ease of service, HPS has eliminated the awkwardly large crosshead in favor of a 4mm allen head. The HPS Titanium Bleeder Screw looks and works great on most 2020 Toyota and Mini Cooper vehicles.

Key Features
- Replaces and upgrades your factory bleeder plastic bleeder screw that are prone to failure.
- CNC Machined from Grade 5 aerospace titanium.
- Includes chemical resistant Viton O-ring.
- Easy to install with 4mm allen head
- A must-have upgrade for track days.
- Made in USA.
- Vehicle Application
2020 Toyota Supra J29/A90 3.0T (B58)
2020 Toyota Supra J29/A90 2.0T (B46)

2021 Toyota Supra J29/A90 3.0T (B58)
2021 Toyota Supra J29/A90 2.0T (B46)

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Titanium Coolant Bleed Screw for 2020+ Toyota GR Supra

  • $24.30

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