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We run these is small quantities due to space constraints, contact us if out of stock.

A classic design reimagined, these front underplates were a popular part back in the early days of the IS300 and Altezza. As the vehicle has become older, the original parts and replicas are hard to come by.  Driven by customer demand, we have taken on limited production of these panels and have added our own design features to address previous issues we found with other panels.


  • 0.080" thick aluminum plate construction.  Laser cut and press-brake formed in the USA.
  • Full panel mounts capture with inset tabs to provide maximum mounting rigidity and belly seal.  Sub-flush mounts allow better airflow.
  • 10x FIGS "HEXVENT" patterns which allow selective venting of the engine bay and air diversion.  By default, the vents are flush to provide uninterrupted air-flow.  A simple finger press and the air vent is opened to allow fast-moving air to suck engine bay air out under the vehicle.
  • Break out panels for tow hooks.  In the previous version of this panel, the tow hooks become useless as a hook will not pass through the eye of the panel.  In the even of a towing incident, we provide 2 breakaway panels to allow more hook clearance.
  • Access for oil drain plug.  No additional work to do an oil change over stock panel.


  • The factory panel uses 11 coarse SEM screws to mount, all 10mm head.  Remove the old screws and transfer the clips from the front to the new panel.
  • Inspect all clip mounting points and replace inserts as needed.  Contact FIGS or order replacements from the dealer.
  • Starting from the front, mount 4 screws finger tight, next attach the 2 screws toward the rear, also finger tight or just below full engagement.
  • Attach the next 4 screws in the bendable tab sections, it helps to have an impact nut driver to allow pressure to bend the tab, while at the same time driving it into its plastic socket.  Do not over tighten!
  • Once all screws are set in their plastic sockets, tighten the rest of the screws to flush.
  • Bend option "HEXVENTS", bend them so that the front end is depressed, this will provide the best direction for air to escape. We do not suggest bending these as scoops.  Also, if they bend more than 15 degrees, they will not be as effective and will create turbulence.  Tabs will bend approx. 3 times back and forth, so its best to have an idea of what you want to do BEFORE bending them.

These are a limited run product, once this run is complete, the next run will be evaluated.  We must hit a minimum number of 10 to start production.

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