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When the Is300 first came over from Japan it was lucky enough to have a 1 yr head start with accessories from the Japanese Altezza model. One of the more popular upgrades was to use the TRD molded side skirts because they were arguably the best-flowing side pieces and above all, they fit like a glove.  One of the key features to their fitment was a little trick covered up on the assembly line, the port holes in the undercarriage that support 8 secret mounting clips specifically designed for these skirts among others.  As time has passed, obtaining these parts has become nearly impossible and we decided it would be great to have them back, for any side skirt mounting. 

We started our development by scanning an old damaged clip that a customer was kind enough to send in and went from there.  Iteration after iteration, 3D printing in various materials for verification, we refined the design in function and form until it met our standards and the spirit and function of the original part with a little FIGS enhancement added.   We initiated the search for a US-based injection molding supplier and went through several before we found a supplier that was representative of our quality standards and gave us the assurance that our model would perform as expected.  We have been shipping these since late 2017.

Each single order includes:

8 Plastic body clips for mounting 2 side skirts complete.

8 keps screws


  • With your finger, press along the rubberized undercoating bear the frame pinch weld seam, about 1" off.  You should feel 4 areas along this run that are soft, these are the locations you will need to cut the undercoating and create a support area the size of the clip.
  • With a box cutter or razor blade, cut through the undercoating at the center of the soft spot.  Once the hole is defined, use the clip to trace a silhouette and determine the area that needs to be removed.  
  • With the razor, cut the undercoating square, this score cut will create a border to clear, this will make a well-defined edge for the scraper used in the next step.
  • With a scraper, chisel or pry bar, clear the undercoating by getting underneath it and lifting it away.  Clear up to the score lines created before. 
  • Install the clip with the short side inward until it snaps in.
  • NOTE: if the undercarriage is damaged you may need to repair this area to get the clip to seat.  Inspect the undercarriage prior to ordering.  
  • Body screws are NOW INCLUDED . Use a washer if the skirt is not adequately supported -- a wide fender washer is preferred to distribute the weight.

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