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In the works since 2016, finally a reality.

We initially looked at an integrated cooling upgrade solution to complement our Side-Ducted Oil Cooler but the technology and market just seemed to not quite be there yet. IS F's had been around long enough to need replacements and with other solutions available, we decided to hold off on things for a while to let the market catch up. That time is now.  We teamed up with CSF Race to being out a big upgrade to the OE setup, while still maintaining the standard transmission coupling cooler/preheater and stepping up the core design to a 5mm fin with high-efficiency B-core tech to increase efficiency up to 15%. This is a huge savings in implementation over a secondary trans cooler since the primary system cooler is still tied to the main radiator.  While a separate trans cooler can still be used, this will lessen the size of that core and make the overall operating temperatures much more responsive to cooling recovery and reducing heat soak overall from cascading coolers.


  • 5mm fin technology on par with OE-level manufacturing.
  • Direct fit with all connections and mounts for the AC-condenser and OE fan shroud.
  • Multi-years support and early and late model hose diameters are possible with our step-nipple design. 2010 models use a larger overflow fitting.
  • B-tube technology for up to 15% more efficiency.
  • Satin finish, Aluminum endtanks, 100% TIG welded and pressure tested to 35Psig
  • FIGS branded for authenticity.
  • Integrated Transmission cooler core for fluid preheat and coolant coupling to keep operating temps in check. (The first of its kind in an all-aluminum design)
  • Hex-style drain plug
  • Screw-in vent plug.

Tech Specs:

B-Tube Technology

Unlike a regular oval shape “O” type radiator tube, CSF uses a specially engineered tube in a shape of a “B.” These “B-tubes” are carefully formed and then brazed over the seam to seal. CSF is able to use thinner and lighter aluminum material (with better cooling efficiency) because this design is actually stronger than normal “O” shape tubes that are welded.=

The design (inlet in the middle of tube that is seam brazed) increases the heat transfer surface area of the tubes by approximately 15% over regular tubes – producing the efficiency of two smaller tubes vs. one large tube within the same space criteria. With “B-tubes” you are able to get “dual liquid laminar flow.”

High Efficiency Multi-Louvered Fins

CSF uses ultra efficient multi louvered fins that are carefully and precisely aligned to maximize airflow through each radiator core. Fin specifications are carefully measured and calculated for each application, and tested for maximum heat rejection efficiency in our wind-tunnel lab.

Installation keys:

Install time-3-5hrs depending on your pace and draining of the coolant.

  • Removing the intake, catch can and coolant overflow are required.
  • We suggest removing the top crossmember cover for access and to pinch off the factory hoses to reduce coolant loss in the block and while draining.
  • When removing the hood latch, there is a safety screw cap covering the primary latch support, use a large plier set to grip the sides which will eject the cap partially allowing a pick to do the rest.
  • Once coolant is drained, pull the radiator out from the top.
  • To add coolant, roughly 1.5 gal depending on the system loss, we strongly suggest these 2 tools. A spill-free plunger funnel and a vacuum coolant filling system.  
  • Refill with Organic acid Toyota RED/Pink coolant.

For more detailed installation questions, please contact us and will we add them

Lexus IS F 2008-2014

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