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It's finally here, the g4X based Altezza link, supporting the plug-in operation of the 3sGTE BEAMS motor from the Altezza.  With Bean-Can conversion, this ECU can support cluster functions as well making it incredibly simple, especially to sway into an IS300 even.  Check out the features, and post up your questions. We have these in our stock, if not we can drop ship if available. 


The Link G4X AltezzaLink TALTX PlugIn fits the Toyota Altezza 3SGE (1998 - 2001). The ECU PCB fits discretely inside the original factory enclosure. 

Installation of Link's Toyota Altezza TALT+ ECU is a breeze - no alteration of the factory wiring loom is required. A built-in connector (or pins in some models) provides additional inputs and outputs such as oil pressure inputs or anti-lag / logging switches. 

Factory features are supported - see Features for any exceptions. 

Can be used on other vehicles with the 3SGTE "Beams Engine". 

Includes Integrated 4 Bar MAP Sensor.

(This product will only work on 98-01 models)

Access the Manual HERE


G4X PlugIn Key Features (where applicable)
• Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping
• Precision closed loop cam control (four cam, independent control)
• Sequential fuel delivery
• Digital triggering, all OEM patterns
• OEM idle hardware supported
• 5D boost control with three switchable tables
• Motorsport features - antilag, launch, flat shift
• Continuous barometric correction (on board)
• CAN port
• QuickTune - automated fuel tuning
• Individual cylinder correction
• USB tuning cable included
• Stats recording into on-board memory
• Gear compensations for spark, boost and fuel
• Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps
• Sync and crank sensors can be a combination of Hall effect, variable reluctance or optical
• Boost control referenced to gear, speed or throttle position
• 512 megabytes data logging
• Staged injection
Knock with "windowing"

The PlugIn ECU is capable of the following features, if the car it is being used in will support them.
Engine Configurations
• 1-12 Cylinder Distributed
• 2-12 Cylinder Wasted Spark
• 1-8 Cylinder Direct Spark
• Odd Fire Engines
• 2-Stroke, 4 Stroke and Rotary Engines
• Configurable Firing Order
• Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)
• 8 x High Current Injector Drives (suits high impedance injectors)
• 8 x Ignition Channels
• 8 x Auxiliary Outputs (All PWM capable). Aux5-8 can control Stepper Motors and drive High or Low
• 11 Digital Inputs (All capable of reading frequencies up to 10kHz)
• +5V Out
• +8V Out
• 4 Temperature Inputs (Configurable pull-ups on ANT1&2)
• 12 x 0-5V Analog Inputs
• 2 x Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors)
• On Board Baro
• 3 Axis Accelerometer
Fueling adjustments
• Traditional, Modelled and Modelled Multi-Fuel Equations
• Single-Point Group, Multi-Point Group, Sequential, Semi-Sequential, Group Staged, Sequential Staged and Sequential/Multi Point Group Staged injection modes
• Asynchronous injection (can add more fuel after initial injection if conditions change)
• Quick tune (automated fuel tuning)
• Up to 440 Zone Fuel Table with configurable load and RPM centers. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
• Multiple Fuel Tables
• Up to 6D Fuel Mapping (3D Fuel Table + 3x3D Overlay trim tables)
• Injection Rate Control for Group Injection Modes
• Master Enrichment for Traditional Fuel tuning
• Pre-Crank Prime
• First Crank Prime
• Crank Enrichment
• Post Start Enrichment
• Warm Up Enrichment
• Acceleration Enrichment
• IAT Fuel Correction
• Injector Deadtime Compensation
• Injector Short Pulse Width Compensation
• Injector Timing Control with Beginning, Middle or End Injection Definable
• AFR Table Correction
• Dual Closed Loop Lambda
• Individual Cylinder Fuel Trims
• Overrun Fuel Cut
• Idle Load Trims
• Fuel Temperature Correction
• Barometric pressure compensation
• Injector test function
Ignition Adjustments
• Distributor, Twin Distributor, Wasted Spark, Direct Spark, Rotary leading Wasted and Rotary
• Leading Direct Ignition Modes
• Up to 440 Zone Ignition Table with configurable load and RPM centers. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
• Configurable Maximum Advance
• Configurable Spark Duration
• Configurable Spark Edge
• Dwell Time Table with configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
• Multiple Ignition Tables
• Up to 6D Ignition Mapping (3D Ignition Table + 3x3D Overlay Trim Tables)
• Individual Cylinder Ignition Trim
• IAT Trim
• Voltage Correction
• ECT Trim
• OEM Compatibility
• CDI Compatibility
• Transient ignition retard
• Adjustable ignition delay compensation
• Ignition test function
• Idle ignition control
• Engine Temperature Dependent Progressive Limiting
• Dual Vehicle Speed Limits
• System Voltage Limit
• User Configurable RPM Limits based on external input
• MAP Limit with dual tables
• Optional hard cut
• Progressive cut control
• Selectable fuel or ignition limiting
• Ignition trim and configurable trim decay
• Adjustable control range
• Selectable cut effect (adaptive or constant)
Auxiliary Output Options
• Each Output independently configurable
• Unused ignition and Fuel outputs available as auxiliary outputs
• General Purpose Outputs
• General Purpose PWM Outputs
• Fuel Pump Control
• Fuel Pump Speed Control
• Engine Fan Control
• Air Con Clutch Control
• Air Con Fan Control
• Intercooler Spray Control
• Tacho Control
• Speedo Control
• Check Engine Light
• Purge Solenoid
• Oxygen Sensor Heater
• Switched Cam Solenoid Control
• ECU Hold Power Control
• Shift Light Control
• Starter Control
• VVT Cam Solenoid
• Boost Control Solenoid
• Test functions for each output
• Closed loop Stepper Control & Rotary Oil Pump Control
• Idle Speed Soloenoid
• Idle Speed Stepper
• Internal Ethrottle Controller
• External EThrottle
Digital Inputs
• Each channel independently configurable with pull-up resistors and active state control
• All digital inputs capable of reading frequencies of up to 10kHz
• Duty Cycle measuring on all digital inputs
• Turbo speed
• Ethanol Sensor Control
• Wheel Speed Detection on all digital inputs with additional general-purpose speed inputs
• Anti-Theft control through digital inputs, over CAN or both
• General Purpose switches, speeds, rpms and frequencies
• large variety of input types
Analog Inputs
• Each input independently configurable with preset or custom calibrations and configurable fault conditions
• Built in 3 axis accelerometer
• Built in Barometric Pressure Sensor
• Large variety of Analog input functions
• General Purpose Temperatures, Pressures, Rotary Switches and more
• Analog Inputs can also be used as Digital Inputs
• Large number of built in calibrations
• Ten Calibration Tables and 3 Linear Calibrations for when a custom calibration is required
• Digital Trigger Decoding
• Reluctor, Optical Proximity or Hall Sensors
• Programmable filtering and arming thresholds
• Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options
• Supports nearly all OEM trigger patterns and custom trigger arrangements
Programmable Math Processing
• Eight individually controllable math channels with up to four parameters in each
• Math channels can be used as table axis’s and as digital or analog inputs
Motor-Sport Features
• Anti Lag
• Launch control
• Gear Shift Control (Digital Inputs, Gear Lever Force or Gear Barrel Position)
• Traction control
Anti-Lag System
• Dual 3D Fuel enrichment, Ignition cut and Ignition retard Tables
• Optional Cyclic idle (normal and cool-down)
• Optional 3D Idle controller Override Tables (one for Antilag and one for Cyclic Idle)
• Lockout condiitons based on engine speed and throttle position with hysteresis
Launch Control
• Single RPM, 3D RPM Table or Latched (RPM when button pressed) Launch modes
• Progressive cut control
• Selectable fuel or ignition limiting
• Selectable cut effect (adaptive or constant)
• Adjustable control range
• Vehicle speed controlled
• Ignition Trim with optional 3D table and relative or absolute ignition angle options
• Optional 3D Fuel Trim table
Gear Shift Control
• Digital input (clutch switch), gear lever force (sequential gearbox), gear lever force (H pattern gearbox), and gear barrel position sensor input options
• Timed or controlled modes
• Adjustable progressive cut levels
• Power re-introduction control
• Ignition retard control
• Fuel enrichment control
• Cut duration based on gear
Traction Control
• Disable switch
• Various Lockout conditions
• Multiple 3D slip Threshold tables
• Traction Control - controlled tyre slip to improve vehicle safety and driveability
• Uses an advanced Torque Management system to reduce engine torque
Idle Control
• Solenoid, Stepper or EThrottle Control
• Open or Closed loop actuator control and Closed loop Ignition control available
• Large variety of position offsets for open loop and additional target offsets for closed loop actuator control
• Specific start-up offsets and hold times
• Dashpot functionality to smooth re-entry into idle and prevent undershoot
Electronic Throttle Control
• Has an internal EThrottle Controller and supports external controllers
• Multiple 3D target tables
Boost Control
• Open or Closed Loop Boost Control
• Multiple Target and Base Position Tables
• Multiple Trim tables
• Boost by Gear control
Knock Control
• 2 Built in Knock inputs
• Fuel Enrichment and Ignition Retard functionality
• Adjustable frequency filter
• Adjustable gain (per cylinder)
• Individual cylinder detection
• Individual cylinder ignition retard and fuel enrich
• Adjustable detection angle (start/end)
• Noise threshold table (3D)
• Adjustable ignition retard and fuel enrich sensitivity
• Configurable ignition reintroduction and fuel enrich decay
Variable Valve Timing Control
• Up to 4 cams independent control
• Supports many OEM applications
• Closed loop control
• Multiple 3D Cam angle target tables
• Optional advanced PID control settings for advanced tuners
• Automatic function for calibrating cam angles
Chassis and Body
• AC Control - Basic and Advanced modes available
• AntiTheft - Via Digital Input, CAN or both
• Speed based cruise control (EThrottle only)
• Gear Detection - CAN, RPM/Speed or Analog Position Sensor
• Individual wheel speed sources with the ability to specify Driving and Non-Driving wheel speed sources
• Starter control - Multiple options available from very basic to Touch to start.
Torque Management
• 512 Megabytes of Datalogging
• Up to 250 ECU Logging channels
• Up to 1kHz per channel with a maximum total sample rate of 100kSamples/s when using ECU Logging
• Unlimited channels when using PCLink logging
• Tuning Port USB on board
• Two CAN buses
• Custom CAN configuration allowing tuners and end users to add support for new CAN devices
• 150 MHz Specialised Engine Management Microprocessor
• Ignition control to 0.1 degree, fuel to 0.01 ms
• 32 Bit Floating Point Calculation
• 12 Bit ADC Resolution
• 20000+ RPM
• 4Gb Non Volatile Flash
• Internal Temperature Range -10 - 85oC
• Ambient Temperature Range -30 - 90oC
• Voltage 8 - 22V
• Operating Current 200mA
• Electrical protection on all inputs and outputs
• Onboard Barometric Pressure Sensor
Packaging Contents
• G4X PlugInX ECU
• Wiring and Installation Instructions
• 2 large Link Stickers
• 2 small Link Stickers
Manufacturing Standard – ISO 13485
Additional Accessories (purchased separately)
• Intake Air Temperature Sensor
• 3/8 NPT (Aluminium or Steel Mounting Bosses to suit)
• 3 Channel Link Igniter
• Throttle Position Sensor
• 3 Channel Link Igniter
• Wideband O2 Controller & Sensor
• Injector Ballast Resistor Packs

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  • $1,195.00

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